Christy has had legal custody of her sister, Tricia’s, two daughters since Tricia, a recovering heroin addict, was serving a prison sentence for reckless homicide. Tricia is now out of prison, clean and sober, and gainfully employed. She says she’s paid her debt to society and wants her children back, but Christy says that will never happen.

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Christy claims Tricia hasn’t proven to her that she is stable enough to have her girls back, and Tricia claims Christy is a verbally abusive alcoholic who neglects her kids.

“Both of you need to stop hurling accusations,” Dr. Phil tells the sisters in the conclusion of a two-part episode airing Thursday. He adds, “I don’t care if you guys see eye to eye right now on the factual history, what I care about is what’s in the best interests of these children.”

When he refers them to family counseling to resolve their differences, and transition Tricia’s children back into her care, do the sisters agree to follow his plan?

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