Blake, a 26-year old under-employed college graduate with a BA in psychology, says he doesn’t get along with his mother, Sandra, or his sister, Sarah. Sandra says Blake is volatile, narcissistic, entitled, and verbally abusive. She claims his anger issues prevent him from holding down a job.

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Sandra says Blake tried living with her for a while but was kicked out when he got into a physical altercation with her live-in boyfriend. Then he moved in with her parents, but she claims he was causing so much anguish there, “that I was fearful of their health.” Blake now lives alone, rent-free in a new home Sandra purchased.

“I’m just wondering why she’s rewarding bad behavior, says Dr. Phil on Thursday's episode.

Blake, who says he currently works part time while pursuing a modeling career, asks, “Well where am I supposed to stay?”

Sandra says she has bought Blake a car, pays for his insurance and his phone, but he wants more.

In a text to Sandra Blake says “I’ve asked for many things since I’ve been here to help save my life. And none of them have been honored. Internet, a Cardinal baseball game, a pet, a friend. Apparently, everything that you want and have is more important and valuable than a life. Sucks you’re such a self-minded person.”

Sandra’s text response: “Stop smoking weed and u can succeed.”

Blake claims his mother nags him, “Like she’s Miss Perfect.”

Does Sandra owe Blake more than she’s already given him? Tune in to Thursday’s Dr. Phil. Check your local listing here.

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