Sandra had accused her ex, Joey, of molesting their two daughters, claiming that the girls told her he inappropriately touched them. Joey vehemently denied the accusations and passed a polygraph, but he claims Sandra continues to make the false allegations against him, a claim she denies.

Dr. Phil attempts to find out the truth from Sandra.

“Are you still telling people that he has molested your daughters … since he passed his polygraph?” Dr. Phil asks. “Have you told people that he has molested your children or tried to drown them in the bathtub?”

“Actually, I have not,” Sandra replies.

Joey claims that, from what he has heard, that isn’t true. “There are several people who have come to me and said, ‘Sandra told me that you tried to drown your kids,’ after the show aired. And the girls have told me, ‘Mommy still says that you hit us,’” he says.

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Dr. Phil addresses Sandra. “It’s really very important to me that you think really hard and you really tell me the truth here,” he says. “I want to get you help. I want to help this family, but you cannot just continue to say one thing to one person something else to somebody else.”

Dr. Phil continues, “There’s going to be a forensic investigation done here, and these people that are saying this are going to swear out affidavits, they’re going to file it with the court – people who have no reason to lie. I beg of you, think about what you say … if you blatantly lie in the face of those affidavits, it’s going to look terrible for you.”

“I haven’t lied,” Sandra maintains.

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“Since you knew the results of this, since your girls told you it wasn’t true, you have not continued …” Dr. Phil presses.

“No,” she again says.

Watch the video above to hear Dr. Phil’s concerns about such behavior, if it occurred. And, on Monday’s show, see why Sandra walks off stage. On Tuesday, will she return?