Is there a double standard when it comes to social expectations and how student-athletes are treated over their non-athlete peers?

Rhyen, a college student, says she sees it at her school. “There’s a ton of college athletes at my school that are given preferential treatment she claims. “They’re allowed to be loud and scream in the library when I’m trying to study for tests and no one says anything to them. They get away with whatever they like.”

Matt has been a softball and baseball coach at every level, from the little league to the majors. He says athletic entitlement starts with youth sports, and parents are mainly to blame.

“Somewhere along the way, a shift happened in team sports where the emphasis went from teamwork and life lessons and being a better person and accountability, to getting that scholarship and making the big leagues,” Matt says. He claims that parents are “driving the vehicle” just to get their kids noticed.

Candice, who is the mother of a youth athlete, disagrees. “The problem is the coaches,” she says. Candice claims it’s the coaches who are “bending the rules” and making exceptions for their highest-performing athletes while everyone else has to obey the rules.

Is it parents or coaches who are enabling young athletes to believe the rules don’t apply to them? Is it society? Dr. Phil looks for the answers on Monday’s episode, “Are Athletes Being Coached to Be Untouchable?”

And on Tuesday’s conclusion, “Athletes Behaving Badly or Targets for False Accusations?” Dr. Phil shares what he believes parents should do to keep their student-athletes from becoming entitled.

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