Lori and Bob say selling their home would be a dream come true because it would ease some serious debt they have found themselves in. They also say they want to travel the country to visit friends and family while they are able. However, their house is full of clutter, boxes, bags, and dirty dishes, with barely any room to move.
Dr. Phil, a spokesman for Sundae, introduces the couple to Josh Stech, Sundae’s co-founder and CEO.

“Lots of homeowners who find themselves facing the decision of selling find it to be overwhelming, and they almost feel stuck. That’s because the traditional way of selling a home isn’t right for everybody. Especially if the home isn’t in great condition or it has a lot of belongings in it, it can be really difficult,” Stech says. “That is exactly why we started Sundae.”

Hear how Sundae works to help homeowners sell their home in any condition – without charging them a fee – in the video above.
This episode, "Buried Alive in Clutter," airs Wednesday. Check local listings to see where you can watch.
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