“By the time my memory came to, my overalls were already off,” says Abby Honold, detailing her rape in the fall of 2014 at the hands of fellow University of Minnesota student Daniel Drill-Mellum.

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Abby says she met Drill-Mellum through a mutual friend at a football tailgate party when she was a 19-year-old Junior. She says she had already been drinking that day when Drill-Mellum persuaded her to go with him to his apartment to find more alcohol. Once there, she says, she blacked out for a few moments; and that’s when the assault began.

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In an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil, Abby describes the ordeal, and how she says she tried to strike a bargain with Drill-Mellum to stop the attack. “He only allowed that to go on for about 30 seconds before he grabbed me up and started raping me.”

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Tune in to Dr. Phil on Monday to learn how Abby says she fought back against her rapist, what she says happened following Drill-Mellum’s assault; and how she learned - too late - that he had allegedly raped another coed.


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