Since winning Survivor: China in 2007, Todd Herzog has struggled with alcoholism. After multiple failed attempts at sobriety, he returns to Dr. Phil for a lifeline from the man who's promised to not give up on this fight.

WATCH: Dr. Phil's Fight For ‘Survivor’ Todd Herzog Sobriety -- And His Life

In the video above, Herzog -- who had a blood alcohol level of .32 and was in the emergency room with seizures just hours before coming on the show -- explains that he's "had a bad few weeks" after two of his close friends from rehab passed away.

"You know me, when I drink I drink. I don't mess around," he tells Dr. Phil. "I'm sorry, I just reached out and I didn't know what to do because honestly I don't want to die."

Dr. Phil asks, "Tell me about the loneliness in your life."

Herzog, who was 22 when he gained fame on reality TV, responds, "I am actually sad. I don't want to be sad. I used to have millions and millions of people in my life and I lost them because of my drinking."

WATCH: Dr. Phil To 'Survivor' Todd Herzog: "You Just Don't Ever Surrender To The Disease"

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