Johnna claims she was suspended without pay by the hospital where she works as a nurse after she wrote a Facebook post in a private group for fellow nurses on her floor. She claims the floor was transitioning to a COVID-19 unit and she was worried about an alleged lack of personal protective equipment for medical staff, as well as for patient safety.

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“These patients were being put into rooms with the doors wide open. They’re not in negative pressure rooms, they’re not in any other special room, and some of the neighbors to these patients are patients that don’t have the virus, who are just there because they’re sick,” she claims.

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Johnna claims management suspended her after they got ahold of her post, accusing her of violating HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) laws, which she adamantly denies.

“I did not violate HIPPA by talking about COVID with my staff members,” she insists.

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