Joel and TaMiya, a Black couple from California, say they felt they were racially profiled in 2019 by the white female manager of a sporting goods store when she followed them outside and accused the husband of stealing a basketball.

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WATCH: Black Couple Claims They Felt Racially Profiled By White Manager At A Sporting Goods Store

In another incident, Anita, a Black woman traveling with her family in June 2020 says she was falsely accused of trespassing after a white hotel manager observed her children swimming in the hotel pool where they were guests.

WATCH: ‘We Were The Only Black Family At The Pool,’ Says Mom Falsely Accused Of Trespassing At Hotel

Noting that systemic racism is “undeniable,” Dr. Phil says, “I have benefitted from white privilege all of my life. I can go to the store and not get followed. I can drive a nice car through a neighborhood and not get stopped.”

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