“We all know how important family is, but did you know your relationship with friends is just as important?” Dr. Phil says. “Having a best friend who’s there through thick and thin -- well, that’s something extra special!”

Mary and Suzy say they’ve been best friends for 10 years but lost touch over the last few years. However, they say they reconnected through the app game Best Fiends.

“I love the game so much, and knowing Mary’s personality, I knew she would love it, too,” Suzy says. “We enjoy comparing levels and sharing tips on how to progress in the game and complete different challenges.”

Best Fiends, the ultimate puzzle game where you lead a band of creature heroes to defeat slugs at every turn, is the perfect combination of challenge, thrill, and a lot of fun. If you’re looking for a great way to take a break from your daily routine and busy life and unwind with time for yourself while connecting with friends, visit the Apple App Store or Google Play to download Best Fiends for free. Learn more here: https://seriously.onelink.me/22957857/lk0l5oha