Following the premature shutdown of the TanaCon social media influencer event in 2018, organizer and social media manager Michael Weist, 24, says that because of its failure, he is in financial ruin, his reputation has been destroyed, and that he is cyberbullied daily.

Michael’s former employees, Phil, Sydney, and Allie, all claim that their ex-boss mistreated and verbally abused them while they worked for him, which Michael adamantly denies. Taylor, who currently works with Michael, insists that Michael has grown and changed in the nearly three years since TanaCon.

Blake, a social media influencer who has been represented by Michael since 2019, calls him “an amazing manager,” but Jackson, another former client and business associate, claims that Michael “pocketed” $35,000 earmarked for a joint business venture. Michael claims he had no control over what happened to the money because he was in chapter 7 bankruptcy at the time.

Amanda, who says she attended TanaCon, claims that Michael mismanaged the event and misrepresented certain aspects of the convention to would-be attendees. Michael denies he misrepresented anything. His mother, Amy, insists that Michael has “always had a heart for helping others.”

And later, Michael receives feedback from members of the virtual audience who say they were at TanaCon in 2018. Watch Tuesday’s conclusion of this two-part Dr. Phil, “More Allegations Against TanaCon Organizer Michael: How Will He Respond?”  to hear their words of encouragement. Check your local listing to find out where to watch.

WATCH: Former Associate Accuses TanaCon Organizer Michael Weist Of Draining Joint Bank Accounts; Weist Denies It

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