Former substitute teacher Mary Beth Haglin claims a 17-year-old high school student with whom she had a nine-month sexual relationship, was the sole initiator of the affair. The 24-year-old Haglin, who was fired from her job and has been charged with sexual exploitation of a minor, claims the student took advantage of her at her most vulnerable moments and says she believes that dynamic should be taken into consideration when evaluating her “overall situation.”

WATCH: ‘He Seduced Me’ Claims Former Substitute Teacher Accused Of Having Sex With High Schooler

Mary Beth claims the student pursued her with handwritten notes and other romantic gestures. She says she eventually gave in to what she claims was his seduction of her. Haglin admits from a legal standpoint; she's the responsible party, but claims from a psychological point of view, she's the victim.

WATCH: ‘Student Convinced Me To Send Him Sexy Pictures’ Claims Teacher Accused Of Sexual Exploitation

“He caught me in my weakest moments, and he used that to his advantage,” claims Haglin.

In the video above, Mary Beth says it was trouble in her relationship with her boyfriend that made her vulnerable to the student’s alleged advances.

“I did ignore a lot of that at first because obviously, I knew that it was – you know – illegal, not allowed, frowned upon – everything.” Then, Haglin claims that one evening after a big fight with her boyfriend, she decided to respond to one of the young man’s messages to her.

How did this substitute teacher find herself embroiled in a sexual relationship with a high school student, and what happened that tipped off other students, a parent and the school board to their involvement? Find out on Monday’s Dr. Phil.

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