Dr. Phil is talking to parents, educators, and others from all over the country, on either side of one of the most divisive topics in recent years: the belief that Critical Race Theory (CRT) is being implemented in grades K-12 without parental consent.

Taylor is a teacher from Texas who says many parents misunderstand what Critical Race Theory is and how it’s being taught in our schools.

“I think a lot of educators are being criticized with [the] thinking we’re teaching white privilege in kindergarten classrooms and that’s just not happening,” she says, adding that she supports CRT being taught to students at the high school level where teachers can have developmentally appropriate conversations with students.

“I think a lot of people think if we don’t talk about racism that it will just go away,” says Taylor. “Let’s be honest. Racism is deeply rooted in our nation’s history.”

In Seattle, Sara says she thinks her 8-year-old son should be learning about the racism in our country’s history because she believes it will help him to become more compassionate.

“I, as a mom, feel a huge sense of responsibility – as a white woman – to make sure that he’s in an education system that teaches him what has happened in our country over the course of hundreds of years,” says Sara. “I don’t only feel a sense of responsibility to my son. I feel a sense of responsibility to his Black and Brown friends.”

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