Media consultant, author, and tech expert Shelly Palmer says that social media is the worst thing to have happened to humanity. He claims that many users have trouble differentiating between reality and fantasy because social media showcases fantasy.

“It’s bad for your self-esteem, it’s bad for your body image,” he says, noting that the pervasive use of filters and enhanced imagery online makes it “impossible to tell the difference between what’s real and what’s fake and so you get this completely bizarre, distorted view of the world.”

Continuing, he says, there is nothing more addictive than social media apps which are designed to keep users engaged “as long as humanly possible.”

Palmer says that the healthiest way to use social media is not to use it. However, not everyone agrees. Watch Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “Social Media vs. Reality: Addicted to Likes?” to hear more from a panel of experts, influencers, and others discussing the amplification of social media and how it’s impacting our culture.

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