Amanda and Junior claim their 17-year-old daughter, Ollie, steals, lies, runs away from home, destroys her parents' property, and has dropped out of school. They say she’s out of control, and they want her out of their house.

Ollie admits she’s been “disobedient and disrespectful” but says that’s because she feels she’s not important to Amanda and Junior.

“My childhood was difficult. My mom and dad got into arguments all the time, and my mom ended up leaving,” says Ollie, who was raised by Junior for several years. “My mom was a drug addict. She would rather go do drugs than be with me.”

Amanda and Junior admit they were both in and out of Ollie’s life while each struggled with addiction, and legal and marital issues. Ollie says once her parents reconciled, she felt like she got “pushed out of the family bubble.”

Ollie says she wants to fix her relationship with her parents. Are Amanda and Junior willing to try? Tune in to Friday’s episode, “Bad Teen or Bad Parents?” to find out!

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