Brittney, 18, and Katelyn,19, claim their mom, Cheryl, is a lying, neglectful mother who would rather party all night with men than be a mom. They claim growing up they had no food, no guidance and no money, and they blame her absence for their teen troubles. They say they continue to be estranged from their mom, as she recently sent them to live with their grandmother so she could live with another man.

WATCH: Mom Calls Teen Daughters ‘Spoiled Bitches’; They Say She’s A Liar And Would Rather Party Than Be A Mom

Cheryl says her daughters are ungrateful “spoiled bitches” and they need to stop verbally abusing her.

In the video above, Katelyn, who says she actually had a decent relationship with her mother, recalls an incident when she claims Cheryl “went ballistic” and almost attacked her.

“We got into a huge fight. She just turned around and she was, like, ‘Why don’t you all just drop dead. You all are problems,’ and she just, kind of, ran around with a knife trying to hurt herself and then threatening to pop a bottle of pills,” Katelyn claims.

However, Cheryl says it was her daughter who was running around with the knife. “I think it’s you,” she says to Katelyn. “Talking about drama, they’re drama.”

WATCH: Daughters Confront Mom Who They Claim Neglected Them While They Were Growing Up

In the video above, Dr. Phil attempts to get to the truth. Is Cheryl to blame for all the dysfunction? And, what do the girls say they need from their mother to be able to have a relationship? Watch more here.