“I want to tell my family that I’m not what they say I am. They say I am a horrible person,” says Emilie.
The 14-year-old and her two siblings have been living with her grandparents for the last six years because her parents are incarcerated – and she says she’s been grounded the entire time. Emilie admits she’s been rebellious in the past but says her grandmothers have done nothing to help her. 

“When my nana wanted to put me back in CPS, I cried, and I felt like she was giving up on me,” Emilie says. "When I grow up, I’m going to drop my nana and poppa. They will have nothing to do with me once I turn 18. They will not be in my life.”
What does Emilie say about her own behavior? Does she think she needs to change? Hear more from her in the video above.
On Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, "'Three Generations of Problems,'" hear what Emilie’s grandmother and great-grandmother say about her behavior. And, hear why Emilie’s older sister claims Emilie’s not the problem. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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