Sadara says she started getting into trouble three years ago when her family relocated to another state. “I definitely felt very distant from my parents. They were too busy working while I was home alone or outside trying to find friends,” says the 15-year-old.

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A chronic runaway who admits she smokes, drinks and has spent time in juvenile detention for stealing, Sadara claims her father, Robert, goes too far with his discipline, spanking her, cutting her hair, shackling her ankles with chains, and calling her names.

“My father called me a lot of names from ‘fat bitch’ to a ‘lazy whore,’” continues the teenager. “My mom, most of the time, would side with my dad or she wouldn’t say anything at all, and I felt degraded and worthless. I felt like I had no value in the family. I got mixed up with the wrong crowd seeking attention since I wasn’t finding it in my home.”

Sadara says that for her, getting into trouble is an addiction. “It’s something that I feel I cannot stop without any type of help,” she claims.

Does she tell Dr. Phil she’s ready to turn her life around?

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Teen Claims Getting In Trouble Is Her Reaction To Feeling Like She Has No Value In Her Family