Courtney claims that when her boyfriend came to visit her in Colorado while she was away at school, her parents, Scott and Tanya, took advantage of the situation to show up at his mother’s house – uninvited – and “confront” her about their relationship.

“They say that she said things that I don’t believe would ever come out of her mouth,” says Courtney, who has since moved in with her boyfriend and his family.

Scott and Tanya claim that since Courtney started dating the 18-year-old, they’ve watched him disrespect, bully, manipulate, and degrade her – as well as keep her away from them. The couple insists they only went to see his mother because they feared for their daughter’s safety.

“She said, ‘It is our tradition to find the girl that they want to marry, isolate them from their family, and then once they marry, they can go back,’” claims Tanya, adding that the young man’s mother also said she wasn’t sure if that was what he was doing.

Courtney insists it isn’t her boyfriend, but her parents, who forced her to choose between them and him. What does she claim they did that caused her to have a panic attack? Watch the video above, then check here to see more from Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil.

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