Sisters Emma and Meredith confess they recently got into a big fight – with each other.

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“I took something of hers and she started grabbing my things, started grabbing me,” says 18-year-old Emma. “Things escalated to the point where we got into a fistfight.” Sixteen-year-old Meredith says her sister bit her in the calf “and actually ended up punching me in the face so hard that she broke her own hand.”

Emma claims she bit and hit Emma in self-defense. “She had me on the ground and was just kind of repeatedly like kicking me and punching me in the head and in the stomach. So, I mean, she definitely had the upper hand. So that’s when I bit her leg to get her down and then I punched her.”

Both teens say they required medical treatment, and Meredith claims that after the fight, she feared that Emma “was going to try to kill me in my sleep.”

Why do Emma and Meredith say they were fighting? And how does Jen explain why she’s laughing about it?

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