Samantha says she doesn’t have a very good relationship with her stepfather, Iain.

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“He says that I am lazy, calls me stupid - fat - he just makes it seem like I’m the most disgusting human being on the planet,” says the ninth-grader. “I don’t understand why Iain hates me so much.” Her mother, Sandi, has been married to Iain since Samantha was 3 years old.

Samantha says that after Iain kicked her and her mother out of the house a year ago, she was angry with Sandi for moving them back in. “I felt like my mom betrayed my trust,” says the 15-year-old.

Ian says he and Sandi have been fighting about Samantha for the last 10 years. He claims Samantha is a “master manipulator,” who is out to destroy their marriage, and says he wants her out of the house when the current school year is over.

When he’s questioned about some of the things Samantha and Sandi claim he’s said to the teenager, does Iain admit to them?

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