Fifteen-year-old Marie claims she was physically attacked when she went to a gas station late at night to get a drink. Her sister, Carly, says that when Marie called her, she picked her up and took her to the hospital after phoning their mother, Jennifer, who was away at the time.

“When I heard that Marie was assaulted, I was numb. I didn’t know what to do,” says Jennifer. “I was out of town on vacation, and I came home that afternoon.”

Jennifer, who claims that Marie won’t go to school, smokes marijuana every day, and hangs out with known gang members, says she tried talking to her daughter when she got home but claims that Marie blamed her for the assault. Marie denies this and claims it was Jennifer who told her the attack was her fault.

“What I had heard was that she was out with … she put herself into the situation,” claims Jennifer. “Knowing what we knew about what has been going on with her behavior, it was kind of like, ‘Here we go again.’”

When Dr. Phil says, “You found out your daughter had been assaulted and was in the hospital, and you headed home 10-12 hours later,” how does Jennifer respond?

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