“I am the black sheep of the family,” says 18-year-old Tylor. “My parents have brainwashed my siblings into thinking that I’m this big, horrible monster.”

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The teen, who admits she has anger issues, says she doesn’t get along with her parents, and their disagreements have turned physical.

“My mom says that ‘I hate you’ and ‘I want you to die.’ She calls me a whore a lot,” Tylor claims. “My father hit me really hard in the face. My nose started bleeding so I ran to the bathroom. Blood got everywhere, all over the bathtub, the floor, the toilet seat. I called the police and they arrested him.”

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Tylor’s parents deny using force on their daughter and claim she is a liar who makes up stories.

Hear more from Tylor, who claims she is now 7 weeks pregnant, in the video above. Is she ready and willing to change her behavior for the sake of her unborn child? See what happens when Dr. Phil offers her help on Friday's episode. Check here to see where you can watch.

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