Deena says her 18-year-old daughter, Karenna, is intelligent, but also impulsive and manipulative. She claims that Karenna’s life is spiraling out of control because of her former boyfriend, Tommie’s influence.

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Karenna says Tommie is not the problem that Deena makes him out to be. She claims that Deena has always cared more about the men she dates than she does Karenna.

“My mom has been married three times. I don’t really know my dad,” says Karenna, adding, “In between husbands, she has had multiple boyfriends. It was very unstable.” Karenna says she has anger and resentment toward her mother and feels like Deena was never there for her.

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When Dr. Phil says to Deena, “You’ve been putting men ahead of her for a long time. She knows it, she feels it – and there’s been a revolving door,” how does Deena respond?

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