Joselyn and her son, Rakim, say their relationship was under pressure long before COVID began, but the intense stress of the lockdown has pushed it from bad to worse.

“Rakim has continuously been very challenging,” says Joselyn of the teen. She claims that he drinks alcohol, vapes, refuses to listen to her, and takes things without permission.

“My mother is explosive, out of control, radical, and not understanding,” claims Rakim. “I’ve heard her tell me that she hates me so many times that I’m starting to take it to heart.”

The pair say they recently got into a physical altercation during an argument over electronics. Watch the video above to find out what Joselyn says happened when the police got involved.

This episode of Dr. Phil, “The Youth Mental Health Crisis,” airs Thursday. And later, why does Rakim say he called Child Protective Services (CPS) after his mother went out of town?

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