Fifteen-year-old Preston is often violent at home, his parents claim. However, Preston says some of his behavior is fueled by his parents’ "favoritism" of his older brother, Adam.

“In my parents’ eyes, Adam can’t do anything wrong. Adam is like the golden child,” Preston says of his brother. “My brother is perfect. I just feel like they want to throw me in the dump.”

Adam, who gets good grades and is on the football team and wrestling team, says Preston brings the trouble on himself.

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“My brother is lazy and I feel like all he wants to do is cause problems,” Adam says.

Stephanie also says Adam picks on his brother , and Preston claims when that happens, his parents just “sit there and laugh.”

“They don’t do anything about it,” Preston says. “I feel like I’m nothing.”

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“Preston is 100 percent convinced we treat his brother better than him,” Stephanie says.

Watch the video above as Adam talks about his relationship with his brother and what he says he wishes for Preston.