Fifteen-year-old Calah claims she was having sex with 37-year-old Jason Johnson for six months before their “relationship” was discovered.

The Georgia high school student admits she had been skipping school in order to spend time with Johnson, the father of her 13-year-old friend.

Calah’s mom, Nora, says she only found out about her daughter’s alleged relationship with Johnson after Calah disclosed it to authorities after a judge insisted she had to explain why she had been skipping school – or face juvenile detention. “I just fell apart – I couldn’t believe this grown man was messing with my daughter,” says Nora on Thursday’s Dr. Phil.

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Calah claims when she told Johnson authorities had learned about the two of them, he threatened to kill himself. “He found out and contacted me and says he was going to overdose and kill himself … that there’s no reason to be alive anymore. And I was thinking if he kills himself - his kids and everybody’s going to blame me for his death.” Calah claims it was then that Johnson told her that running away would be “the only other option.”

Calah had been wearing an electronic tracker, but says she removed it before running away. Several days following her disappearance, Calah was found – and Johnson apprehended -- at a candy store in Tennessee after authorities put out an Amber Alert. Johnson is charged with multiple counts, including aggravated child molestation and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

On Thursday’s Dr. Phil, Calah describes what her brief life on the lam with Johnson was like – and why she’s happy to be home.

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