Valerie claims her 16-year-old daughter, Veronica, engages in destructive behavior which includes, lying, smoking marijuana, being promiscuous, and running away from home.  Valerie says she’s terrified Veronica’s behavior could put her at risk of being kidnapped – or worse.

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“I do smoke weed. It helps me deal with my mom,” says Veronica. She claims her mother doesn’t understand she’s just being a normal teenager and says that running away from home was the “best days of my life.”

WATCH Why A Mom Says She Fears Her Daughter Could Be Kidnapped

Valerie says she’s a single mom and often works long hours to support her family. “I dropped the ball because I’m working, and I have responsibilities,” she admits.

Before she started hiring nannies, who does Valerie say was taking care of her kids?

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‘My Mom’s Way Of Dealing With Her Children Is Just To Hire Nannies,’ Claims 16-Year-Old