Kristi claims her daughter Haley is delusional and has always been a “compulsive liar.” She says some of the lies Haley has told are that she was a contestant on American Idol, that the rapper Eminem is her father and that she’s been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Now, she says Haley is claiming to be 9 months pregnant with baby Jesus.

Haley is adamant that she is pregnant and says her family needs to face reality. She also says that a doctor told her she has paranoid schizophrenia and she accepts the diagnosis.

WATCH: Teen Claims She’s 9 Months Pregnant With Baby Jesus – What Does An Ultrasound Reveal?

In the video above, Kristi and her daughter Adrianna confront Haley about the lies they say she’s told. How does the teen respond? Watch more from this show on Wednesday. And on Thursday, Haley has an ultrasound. What will it reveal? Check here to see where you can watch.