Jill and her ex-husband, Brent, claim their 14-year-old daughter, Kendall, is a chronic liar and has falsely accused family members of abuse. They say the teen has accused Jill of punching her in the face, Brent of sexually abusing her, her stepfather of threatening her, and her sister of throwing her into a wall and choking her – accusations the family vehemently denies.
Jill says she fears her current marriage is headed for divorce because of the teen’s out-of-control behavior and alleged lies, and Brent says he can’t be near his daughter for fear she will lie again and he will land in jail.

Kendall, however, stands by all her allegations -- except the one against her sister, which she admits that she lied about. She also claims that no one will listen to her, and she has no other options.
Dr. Phil impresses upon the teen the serious ramifications of her accusations. He also warns the parents that they shouldn’t be around Kendall for fear of what she may say and what it could mean for them. He refers them to Wingate Wilderness Therapy.
In the video above, Jill informs Kendall of her parents’ decision to send her. See the teen’s explosive response.
This episode airs Tuesday. Watch more here.