Tanyadawn, who recently became a first-time mother, asserts she’s not currently drinking or doing drugs, saying, “I’ve tried breaking that cycle, but it’s – like – all I freaking know, too; because I live on that. I live on that every day.”

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Dorothy says there’s a history of addiction in her family. She says she’s a recovering addict, and her sister, Denise, also admits she was involved with drugs “at a very young age.” Denise says she sees her 17-year-old daughter, Tanyadawn, “headed down that path.”

Dorothy claims that Tanyadawn, who’s currently on probation for assaulting another girl, has been drinking and disappearing for days at a time with her friends. She and Denise both say they’re concerned the teenager could end up going back to jail if she gets caught violating the terms of her release.

Will Tanyadawn find the help she needs to break free of her family’s cycle of dysfunction? Tune in to Monday’s Dr. Phil. Click here for your local listing.

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