Tanyadawn is a 17-year-old single mom who’s on probation following five months in juvenile detention. The teen was arrested and initially charged with attempted murder for fighting with another young woman. The charges were later reduced.

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“All I was doing was protecting myself and my child because I was pregnant,” says the teen, claiming the other girl tried to kick her in the stomach.

Currently living with her mother, Denise, her aunt, Dorothy, and her 79-year-old grandfather, the teenager says she’s been trying to get her life back together, stating, “I haven’t been doing the same things I used to do. I think I’m improving.”

When Dorothy alleges her niece is violating the terms of her probation by drinking and hanging out with “wannabe gangbangers,” Tanyadawn insists her friends aren’t gangbangers and says she’s not doing all the things Dorothy claims she is. The teenager admits she goes out with her friends, because she sometimes needs a break from the baby – and her family. She says she just wants her aunt to leave her “the hell alone.”

When the women sit down together on Monday’s Dr. Phil, the conversation quickly becomes heated. What does Tanyadawn say that nearly gets her removed from the stage?

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