Fifteen-year-old Madison’s parents claim she’s had the police called on her over 100 times, asserting their daughter has had charges filed against her in the past for domestic battery and grand theft auto, among other things.

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There could be an alternative for the teen. On Wednesday’s episode, Dr. Phil introduces a new guest to the conversation with Madison and her parents. Nicki Higgins is the Director of Mental Health at the Center for Discovery; a residential therapeutic program specializing in serving children, adolescents and adult women in crises.

“Center for Discovery has been working with families such as yours, and teenagers for the last 20 years on confronting these exact issues. And if you guys will work with us, Madison, our biggest focus would really just be to help you break this cycle of pain, despair and impulsivity, and really just bringing connection to the family, and focusing on what is keeping you guys from moving forward,” says Higgins.

“I’m not doing that,” asserts a tearful Madison who says she doesn’t want to go to a program by herself.

What happens after Madison walks off the Dr. Phil stage for a second time? This episode airs Thursday. Find out where to watch here.

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