“When Orrin first told me he was a cyborg, I thought he was joking,” says Samantha. “I think something maybe happened in college that could have triggered the reason why he believes he’s a cyborg.”

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Orrin claims he’s a cyborg from 2050 who was sent back in time to warn people about an impending apocalypse. His family says he’s made this claim for the last two years and speaks and moves robotically.

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Samantha says she used to spend time with her brother, who was fun and energetic, and she misses their connection. “I feel like my brother might be at his tipping point because I’ve never seen it get this bad,” the teen says. “He doesn’t eat. He doesn’t interact with anyone anymore, and it’s starting to worry me.”

How does Orrin respond to his sister’s plea? Watch in the video above.
On Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, can Dr. Phil convince Orrin he’s not a cyborg? And, when offered help, will Orrin accept? Check here to see where you can watch.