“I want to be a social media influencer,” says Andrew, who admits that he pranks his twin brother daily in an effort to gain 10,000 likes. “I will do whatever the top comment says.”

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Andrew’s mom, Joy, says the 16-year-old has been terrorizing the family since his father left the house.

“Andrew’s father left the beginning of eighth grade. Andrew continuously acted up. After many suspensions, the principal expelled him, and Andrew became very destructive, started breaking things,” Joy says. “And when Andrew found TikTok, he got much worse.”

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In the video above, see some of the pranks Andrew has orchestrated, mostly on his unassuming brother. And, Joy explains what she says happens when she tries to discipline Andrew, and why she says she’s left in tears.
On Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear what Andrew’s other siblings say about his behavior – and their mom’s reaction. Check here to see where you can tune in.

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