Larissa claims her 14-year-old daughter, Noelle, is out-of-control. She says the teenager has been caught with drugs at home, alcohol at school, and once stole and wrecked her car.

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Larissa also claims her daughter’s self-destructive behaviors are hurting her marriage to Noelle’s stepfather, saying, “In the last year Sean and I have separated three times.”

Sean agrees. He says Noelle has no respect for authority and “All of this chaos has had an extreme effect on our marriage.”

WATCH Mom Claims 14-Year-Old Daughter Is A ‘Beautiful Disaster’ Who Engages In Self-Destructive Behaviors

“It’s hard to know that my mom thinks that I’m destroying her marriage,” says Noelle.

“The real problem is the family dynamic,” says the 14-year-old. She claims she’s not the only problem in the family, “but I’m the one who’s getting blamed for it.”

Noelle says her mother sees her as a mental illness, claiming, “She doesn’t see me as a daughter that she wants to love.” Larissa denies it.

Does Dr. Phil have a plan to help Noelle and her parents find some peace?

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