Fifteen-year-old Michelle says she’s tired of her family’s constant fighting.

The teen says she often finds herself caught in the middle of a war, as her mother and younger brother argue with her stepfather and younger sister.

“I’m fed up with all of the drama here,” Michelle says. “The family is split into two sides and I’m right in the middle.”

And Michelle says it’s all taking a toll on her, as she fights to keep their family intact.

“I cry … I cry because I can’t keep the peace. Because I feel like it’s my fault that I can’t do anything about it,” the teen tells Dr. Phil.

Things are so bad at home, Michelle claims, that she often tries to resolve any problems between her feuding siblings without her parents getting involved, because she says they just make it worse.

Michelle, who is a good student learning seven different languages, says she is “ashamed” of her family and is counting down the days until she is old enough to move out.

So why does a 15-year-old feel she needs to carry this burden of trying to keep her family together? Watch the video above as Dr. Phil has Michelle ask herself that very question, plus her honest answer.