Raegon says her marriage to Steve was already in trouble when their daughter, Maya, caught her having a relationship with Steve’s best friend Craig, five years ago. She and Craig now live together in the family home, and Maya says it’s her “mission” to get him to leave.

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“I want to do something to make his life hell and get him out of that house,” she says, admitting to calling Craig names, destroying his property and more.

“I am public enemy number one,” says Craig, who claims it’s not his fault that he fell in love and then moved in with his best friend’s wife. He says his relationship with Raegon flourished after he was forced to step-in because Steve chose drugs over being husband and father.

“Steve is always full of excuses, and he’s teaching his children that,” claims Craig, adding, “Maya’s not able to take responsibility for her actions, so she’s putting it all on me.”

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Continuing, he says, “If Dr. Phil tells me that my being in the home is not in the best interests for the kids, then I have to leave. I don’t think that’s the case.”

Does Dr. Phil advise Craig to move out? Check here to find out where you can watch Wednesday’s episode.

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