Sixteen-year-old Ashlyn insists she’s not a bad kid. In fact, she says she’s “just a normal teenager.”

However, her parents, Maria and Troy, say their daughter is out of control, and they claim the teen drinks, smokes, uses drugs and runs away from home, sometimes not returning until the next morning.

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But Ashlyn says her parents are partly to blame for her behavior.

“They need to start stepping up and being better parents … I love my parents to death, but I just feel that they need to start spending time with their kids more,” she says.

Maria and Troy claim when they’ve tried to discipline their daughter, she has become verbally and physically abusive.

“One time, she got physically violent and punched me in the stomach and slapped me in the face,” Maria claims – a claim which her daughter absolutely denies.

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“I may yell at my parents over some dumb stuff, but I feel like they try to make me mad and piss me off,” Ashlyn says, admitting that she has hit her father during an argument, but adds, “I have never put my hands on my mom.”

When it comes to staying out for extended periods of time, the teen says it’s partly because she feels she can’t communicate with her parents.

“I can’t talk to them about anything. I always have to go to my friends,” she says. “And they wonder why I’m with my friends all the time? I don’t feel loved when I’m with my parents at all.”

Watch the video above as Dr. Phil explains to Ashlyn why her behavior is more than just typical teenage behavior. Watch more from this show here.