In March of 2014, 5-year-old Jordan Bleimeyer was rescued by authorities after being starved and held captive inside a closet by his father and stepmother. He weighed just 29 lbs. at the time. Jordan’s father, Bradley, and stepmother, Tammi, are both currently behind bars on charges related to the abuse.

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“Jordan would cry to me and say ‘I’m hungry’,” says his stepsister, Allison, recalling how she asked her mother and stepfather why they weren’t feeding the boy. “They would tell me he was lying and he was just being manipulative,” she says.

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Allison says that when she realized what her parents were saying wasn’t true, she started bringing Jordan bread. Her older brother, Cody, says they both tried to give Jordan food but would get in trouble with their parents for interfering.

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On Thursday’s episode, Cody, Allison and their brother, Dylan, are speaking out publicly about the abuse they witnessed Jordan endure for the first time since testifying against their mother at her trial.

How do the siblings describe the conditions of what Allison calls the “closet inside of a closet” where authorities say Jordan was confined; and why do they say they felt powerless to help him?

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‘We Saw An Opportunity To Let Him Out,’ Says Teen Of Freeing Her Stepbrother From The Closet Where Their Mother and Stepfather Confined Him