Tasha claims her 17-year-old daughter, Sierra, has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder but stopped taking her medication about two weeks before running away from home. She claims the teen is now using marijuana and other street drugs as a substitute for her prescriptions.

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Sierra says she prefers taking “natural” drugs to her prescribed medication because “it’s beautiful, like what Mother Nature can create, you know, like it’s dope.”

“I ran away because I was really craving independence,” says Sierra. “I was tired of feeling like too structured and caved-in like I was suffocated. I was ready to be on my own and my mom was pissed that I was starting to pull away.”

Sierra, who ran away to California, says though she’s “technically” homeless, she’s never spent a single night on the street.

What does she say she’s been doing to survive? This episode airs Friday.

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