Jen and her husband, Bill, say the behaviors of their teenage daughters, Emma and Meredith, are “out of control,” and claim they’re both addicted to marijuana.

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“I try not to give Emma money unless I know where she’s going, but she and Meredith manipulate us and say that they need money for gas and then they end up using it for weed,” says Jen.

They also claim the girls lie, fight, steal, and have turned violent against each other as well as other members of the family.

“I do smoke weed every day, but I don’t consider it a drug,” says Emma. “If I wanted to stop I could, but I don’t because I enjoy it.” She says she completed rehab successfully a year ago, “which I think proves that I’m not an addict.” Claiming her mom is “a manipulative dictator,” and describing her father as “angry, controlling and vindictive,” Emma says her parents’ rules are “unreasonable.”

“They expect me to be home every night by 8:00 p. m. and in bed by 9:00 p. m.” says the 18-year-old.

Emma also says she and Meredith aren’t “out of control,” and their parents are “over-dramatizing” how they behave. She says, “If my parents’ behaviors don’t improve, I feel that our relationships might be damaged past the point of return.”

Why does Emma say she sometimes feels that her parents don’t love her? Tune in to part one of a two-part Dr. Phil Wednesday.  Check your local listing here .

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‘This Is Not All You,’ Says Dr. Phil To Teen Whose Parents Claim She’s ‘Out Of Control’