Morgan recently moved out of her mother’s home because she says she felt uncomfortable around her mother’s boyfriend, a registered sex offender. The 16-year-old says that once the situation was reported to the Department of Family and Child Services, her mom was given the choice to move Mark out or have Morgan move out, and Morgan says her mom chose to have Mark stay.

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Morgan says this isn’t the first time her mother has dated a registered sex offender and put her in harm’s way.

“I was about 9 years old when my mom was dating a man who touched me inappropriately,” Morgan shares. “Her boyfriend went to tuck me into bed one night, and reached under my covers and touched me inappropriately.”

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Morgan’s mom, Arlene, claims she didn’t know the man was a sex offender. “His family said that he was arrested only for sleeping with his underage girlfriend, so I went ahead and allowed him to move in with us,” she says. “He didn’t seem to me like he was a pedophile as much as just a man that had gotten into a bad situation.”

Arlene says once she learned about his behavior, she kicked him out and began the process of pressing charges against him.

However, Morgan says when it came time for her to speak with the police, she claims her mom made her change her story.

“She’s explaining to me, ‘We don’t want him to go to jail. Just say that he didn’t do it. You realize he’ll leave us,’” Morgan says. “After my mom had told me that I should change my statement, I did, and they were very confused by that.”

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“I never told her to change her story,” Arlene says.

On Wednesday's episode of Dr. Phil, hear more about Morgan’s present situation and why Arlene says she’s certain her current boyfriend, Mark, would not hurt her daughter. Check here to see where you can watch.

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