Sixteen-year-old Annalisa says she and her mom fight every day about anything and everything.

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“I’m the black sheep of the family,” Annalisa says. “I don’t feel like my parents support me. I feel like my mom tries to, she just doesn’t know how. Or, she just gives up when it gets too hard.” She says that she feels like her mom always takes her stepdad’s side.

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Her parents say she runs away, has skipped 200 days of school, is violent toward them and they also say they fear she is prostituting herself.

The teen says that she gets into trouble often but says, “Nobody can control me but me.”

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She also admits that she uses drugs “all the time.” “I was going out getting drunk instead of going to school because I was just sad, and getting drugs made me happy,” Annalisa says.

However, the teen says recently, she’s been on a good path and doesn’t need any help.

On Friday's episode of Dr. Phil, Annalisa reveals what she says is causing her to act out. And, see what Dr. Phil says this family must do to start healing. Check here to see where you can watch.

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