Heather says she’s at her wits’ and no longer knows how to parent her teen daughter, Marissa. She describes the 15-year-old as “Jekyll and Hyde,” claiming that one minute she’s an honor roll student and the next, she’s a pot-smoking car thief who admits to stealing her mother’s vehicle nine times.
Marissa says her mother is too overprotective and that her punishments make her want to rebel more.

Mother and daughter have turned to Dr. Phil for advice, and he has them participate in an exercise. Marissa reads statements to her mother about how her parenting is not meeting the needs of the teen. See what happens in the video above.
On Friday’s episode, parenting expert and author Dr. Michele Borba examines Heather’s parenting style and offers her tips for being more effective. And, Dr. Borba shares how parents can create resilient children. Watch more from "'How Do I Parent My ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ Daughter?'"

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