Melissa says her daughter, Destoni, is aggressive, violent and a bully. She says the 14-year-old has chased her younger sister with a butcher knife and has threatened to take a gun to school and shoot teachers and students.

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She says Destoni’s anger began around the time she entered kindergarten, and Melissa admits that she did not consistently discipline Destoni as she was growing up – sometimes giving in to her Destoni’s behavior to keep the peace in the household.

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Dr. Phil offers the Destoni the opportunity to enter a residential treatment program and tells Melissa it’s time she steps up as a parent, take back the role as the leader of the family and make a decision for her daughter.

When Melissa delivers the news to Destoni that she will be entering the program, the teen lets loose. Watch what happens in the video above.

This episode airs Tuesday. Watch more here.

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