Michael says he’s been “a little depressed” and “not really happy” since his father died by suicide in 2019. The 14-year-old, who lives with his mother, Venessa, her boyfriend Alex, and two younger siblings, admits he sometimes gets “blackout” angry to the point that he does irrational things.

“I’m not really angry at anyone. I can just get really frustrated sometimes,” says Michael.

Michael’s mother, Venessa, claims the teen is “very hostile and aggressive” toward her. She says, “I would say I am Michael’s biggest trigger at the moment.”

Michael says he preferred living with his father and admits he usually only gets angry around his mom. He claims Venessa harasses him, pushes his buttons, then records his response to try to get him in trouble, which Venessa adamantly denies.

Does Michael say he wants a better relationship with Venessa?

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