Tom and his wife, Karen, say they’ve lost control of their 15-year-old daughter, Madison. In part one of a two-part Dr. Phil, which aired Wednesday, the couple claimed the police have been called 100 times on Madison. They’re claiming she drinks, smokes weed, stolen Karen’s car upward of 30 times, and was recently involved in a car crash that happened during a high-speed chase following an incident allegedly involving drugs and a gun.

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Additionally, Tom says he feels like he and Karen are “under siege” in their own home. At night, he claims he barricades Karen and their 9-year-old daughter behind locked doors while he stands vigil against Madison. He says he believes Madison could one day kill him. “I live in constant fear for myself, my wife – and for my youngest daughter.”

He claims Madison has been charged four times with domestic battery for physically attacking him, but each time he’s dropped the complaint. “She’s my daughter and I don’t want to negatively impact her future,” he says.

"And now she’s corrupting our 13-year-old,” says the retired military officer, referring to Madison’s alleged influence over middle daughter, Liz.

“Together, they terrorize the family,” says Karen.

Madison admits to smoking “weed,” dropping acid and getting into a car accident, but denies being a corrupting influence on her younger sister. She claims she’s “just a fun-loving teen” who’s misunderstood by her parents.

“If I could have a different set of parents, I would,” says the teen.

When the family enlisted the help of a professional transport team to safely bring Madison to Dr. Phil, she resisted. Then, while speaking with Dr. Phil, Madison walked off the stage after hearing her grandmother, Jan, would be joining the conversation.

What prompts Madison to return to the stage? Tune in to Thurday’s Dr. Phil.

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