Seventeen-year-old Maya admits to smoking marijuana, skipping school, punching holes in the walls and more. Her father, Steve, claims the behaviors started when Maya discovered her mother, Raegon, having a relationship with Steve’s best friend Craig, five years ago.

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Maya says not only did she catch her mother and “Uncle Craig” in the act, she later had to break her father’s heart by revealing her mother’s betrayal. “Craig was my dad’s best friend for years, and he betrayed him and all of us,” says Maya, adding, “He [expletive] and broke up our family.”

“The past few years have been really bad,” Maya continues, adding, “I just want Craig out of our home.”

Continuing, she says, “The words that best describe how I feel about Craig are ‘horrible, betrayed and evil.’ I hate Craig and tell him all the time.”


Maya says she won’t rest until Craig is out of the family home. Now living with her father, why does she say she keeps going back to her mother’s house “almost every day”?

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