Cole’s mother, Lena, claims he’s angry, violent and intimidating. She says the 15-year-old has been hospitalized for alcohol poisoning and kicked out of three different schools in the past year due to disciplinary and behavioral problems.

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Cole’s father, Josh, claims the teenager steals, smokes marijuana, keeps a knife under his pillow, and bullies his younger brothers. They say Cole isn’t allowed to live at home because they believe he’s too dangerous to be around his siblings.

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“I’m not going to say all of that’s a lie, but a lot of that was over-exaggerated or lying,” Cole tells Dr. Phil in the video above. He also claims his parents are hypocritical.

Cole says he misses his little brothers and wants to be able to go back home and live with them until he turns 16. What does he say he plans to do then?

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